Options Trading with Imran Lakha

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2 Lessons · 45 min

Welcome to Options 9 min
The Basics of Trading Options 36 min

Understanding Volatility

2 Lessons · 54 min

Options Strategies for Institutions

2 Lessons · 1 hr 4 min

How Hedge Funds and Retail Investors Trade Options

2 Lessons · 43 min

Case Studies

1 Lessons · 46 min

Welcome to Options

Welcome to Options Trading with Imran Lakha. This course will look at how the overall options market works, who uses options and why, how options can alter market dynamics, and how you can make options a viable part of your investment strategy. And to do that, we’ve brought in Imran Lakha, who brings 20+ years of experience trading options for some of the biggest investment banks. He’ll be taking you through some of the necessary theory, and Real Vision’s Roger Hirst will be having a discussion with him along the way about what this actually means for option prices and the underlying assets.